Fresh from Zone 7 | Seasonal Forecast
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Seasonal Forecast

2016 Fall Forecast

Fall is a wonderful time on the farm. The fields turn from green to harvest gold, and the summer heat mellows into our most bountiful season. Late summer crops such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and eggplants are available until the first hard frost in early October, when the night temperatures drop below 28 degrees. Don’t miss the opportunity to cherish summer’s feast of tomatoes and peppers one last time. We will start to see the fruits and vegetables that carry us through the winter with their fulfilling sweetness – winter squashes, beets, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts appear in due time, and basil gives way to sage. The joy of the fall, after all, is the last of the season’s cucumbers on the same menu as the first of winter’s pumpkins. Welcome, friends, to the harvest season. Enjoy!


Download a printable PDF version of the 2016 Fall Forecast HERE.


Honeycrisp (September – early November)

Gala (September – Winter)

MacIntosh (September – Winter)

Fuji (late October – Winter)

Cortland (early September)

Pink Ladies (mid November – Winter)

Keepsake (Late October – Winter)

Asian Pears (mid September – Winter)

Pears, Bosc (Late Sept – Mid November)

Concord Grapes (early September – Mid October)

Frozen Berries (All Winter)

Cranberries (October – December)


Summer vegetables

Red tomatoes (through mid October if we’re lucky!)

Greenhouse tomatoes (Abundant through December)

Green tomatoes (Through October)

Green Beans (September – mid October)

Red Bell peppers (Through late November)

Cucumbers (Through September)

Eggplant (Through mid October)

Hot Peppers (Through mid October)

Sauce tomatoes (Through mid October)

Zucchini and Summer Squash (Through early October)



Broccoli (Late September – Early December)

Cauliflower (Late September – Mid December)

Kohlrabi (September – Winter)

Cabbage (September – Winter)

Savoy cabbage (September – Early December)

Napa Cabbage (September – Early December)

Brussel Sprouts (Mid October – December)


Salad Greens

Baby arugula, Field Grown (September – early November)

Baby Spinach, Field Grown (September – early November)

Baby Spring Mix, Field Grown (September – early November)

Baby Greens, Greenhouse Grown (All Winter)

Frisee (September – early November)

Head Lettuce, Field Grown (September – early November)

Butterhead, Greenhouse Grown (All Year Round)

Leaf Lettuce, Greenhouse Grown (November – Winter)


Braising Greens

Radicchio (Late September – November)

Escarole (Late September – November)

Kale (Late September – December)

Collard Greens (Late September – December)

Broccoli Rabe (September – Mid November)

Spinach (Late sept – early December)


Onions & Alliums

Garlic (September – Winter)

Onions, many varieties (All Winter)

Shallots (September – December)

Leeks (September – January)


Winter Squash

Butternut (September – Winter)

Acorn (September– November)

Spaghetti (September – early December)

Delicata (September – late November)

Kabocha (September – January)

Hubbard (Late September – early December)



Potatoes (All Winter)

Fingerlings (All Winter)

Carrots (All Winter)

Beets (All Winter)

Sweet Potatoes, Red, Orange, White, Purple… (All Winter)

Red Radishes (September – late October)

Hakurei Turnips (September – early November)

Purple Top Turnips (early October – Winter)

Winter Radishes (Late September – Winter)

Rutabaga (Mid October – Winter)

Jerusalem Artichokes (September – November)

Parsnips (Early November – Winter)

Lutz Beets (Late September – Winter)


MicroGreens and Specialty Herbs

Hawaiian Ginger (September – Early November)

Micro Carrots (September – December)

Micro Fennel (September – December)

Baby French Breakfast Radish (September – December)

Crazy Peas (September – December)

Pea Tops (All Year Round)

Lemon Grass (September – October)

Lemon Verbena (September – October)

Johnny Jump-Ups (October – December)

Tulsi, Holy Basil (October – December)



Fennel (early October – late November)

Cardoons (early October – early December)