Fresh from Zone 7 | Roots & Tubers
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Roots & Tubers


About This Project

Roots and tubers are among our most colorful and long-lasting offerings. Whether you’re looking for a large stock carrot, delicate, or colorful specialty carrots in purple, orange, red, yellow, and white, we offer many shapes, sizes, and colors all year . Our farmers grow beets of every kind – gold, red, Chioggia, XL, etc. – with tops in the summer or loose year-round. Parsnips are available through winter, making it ideal for stews and mashes. Celeriac (also known as celery root) is the secret weapon of locavore chefs who crave celery flavor. We also offer a wide variety of radishes, from delicate summer radishes with or without tops in a range of colors and sizes (purple, pink, white, and French breakfast) to the large, winter storage radishes like watermelon radishes, daikons, green meat radishes, China rose, and black-skinned Nero Tondos. Turnips and rutabagas, along with a long line-up of specialty roots and tubers like Jerusalem artichokes, yacon, and burdock make up the majority of the vegetables we offer in the colder months.


Our roots, particularly carrots, beets, and radishes, come in “baby” sizes for a stunning plated display. For more information see our “Micro Greens and Baby Vegetables” section. For potatoes and sweet potatoes see “Potatoes.”