Fresh from Zone 7 | Pumpkin & Winter Squash
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Pumpkin & Winter Squash

About This Project

Pumpkins and winter squash spend the summer slowly ripening on the vine. They take up enormous space in the field, often sprawling to fill up more than one square yard. Pumpkins ripen as the days get shorter, and our farmers harvest them for winter storage. Unlike most crops, pumpkins can’t be stored in the refrigerator; they require dry, cool conditions. We have a huge variety of winter squashes and edible pumpkins, from the common favorites – butternut, acorn, cheese pumpkin, spaghetti, sugar pumpkin, and delicata squash, to the more exotic kabocha, buttercup, carnival squash, Blue Hubbard, Uchiki Curi, and several other heirlooms. They are available starting in September, with kabocha and butternut lasting through March.