Fresh from Zone 7 | Potatoes
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About This Project

We offer a wide variety of stock and specialty potatoes. Farmers start to harvest “New” potatoes with thin skins and delicate flavors in July. By late summer, our farmers are harvesting the majority of the potatoes that will last through the winter. These include old favorites like Yukon Gold, russets, Kennebecs, and Red Norlands, and show-stopping fingerling potatoes, all-blue and all-red potatoes, and mixed petite potatoes. If you’re looking for a variety for mashing, frying, boiling, or baking, we have it all! Potatoes are available until our farms’ root cellars empty out late April.


Sweet potatoes are tropical tubers that are completely unrelated to the traditional potato. Our farmers grow orange sweet potatoes (also known as yams) along with white, yellow, red-skinned, all-purple, and fingerling-style sweet potatoes. They are harvested in September and are available in quantity through their entire storage season, lasting through spring.