Fresh from Zone 7 | Peppers
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About This Project

We love peppers, and Zone 7 prides itself on offering the best and widest variety of peppers possible. Peppers love heat and sunshine, and large, colorful bell peppers take all summer to start turning colors. Hot peppers and green peppers ripen by late June. Once the harvests start coming in, we offer a wide variety of Italian frying peppers as well as sweet peppers in all shapes and colors – purple, red, and green bells, long hots, Cubanelles, and more.


Hot peppers are among the most varied items we carry and are available June through November. Jalapeno, Anaheim, cayenne, habanero, Hungarian wax, and poblano peppers are some of the old standbys we offer, with plenty of exotic options to round out the list. Finally, one of our personal favorites is the capricious, Russian roulette of the pepper world – the shishito. While most peppers you encounter will be mild and delicious, every so often you will get one that will knock your socks off with heat!