Fresh from Zone 7 | Greens, Braising
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Greens, Braising


About This Project

Braising Greens are hearty greens that are great for cooking or for use in specialty salads. Kale, collards, and Swiss chard can be harvested from May through December, or in particularly mild years, through the winter. Spinach spends winter in the field and pushes new growth that can be harvested as early as mid March. We also offer a selection of red and green mustards, turnip and radish greens, beet greens, several chicories, bok choy, pac choy, and a long list of Asian greens. Kale –Our most popular braising green – is available in a large number of heirloom and common varieties, including curly green, red Russian, Tuscan (or lacinato), red Tuscan, Redbor, and bright purple kale. For cabbages, see the “Brassicas” section.