Fresh from Zone 7 | Beans and Peas
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Beans and Peas

Beans & Peas

About This Project

Full of protein, peas are our first legumes of the season and are available in early June. Pea plants love cold weather and can withstand freezing temperatures as low as 28F (even lower with a blanket of insulating snow)! That’s why they’re one of the first non-leafy vegetables available. Craving that pea taste before June? Pea shoots start as early as March and can fill the need before shelling, snow, and snap peas are ready to pick by the first of June.


Beans require summer heat, and they can’t be planted until all danger of frost is past – which is about May 15th in our area. Green beans, yellow wax beans, purple beans, lima beans, and fava beans are harvested from July through September. Dried black and white soy beans are available through the winter. We also offer a variety of specialty beans including Romano, cranberry, and edamame.