Fresh from Zone 7 | Greenhouse Greens: A Wintertime Favorite
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Greenhouse Greens: A Wintertime Favorite

Greenhouse Greens: A Wintertime Favorite

Although this milder winter has brought about an abundance of local produce, we’re always thrilled to share one of our seasonal staples — greenhouse greens.

Bright Farms: Bucks County, PA

There are many advantages to greenhouse growing, one of which is protection against outside elements. By using controlled temperature systems, greenhouses also create a near-perfect growing climate, even in the midst of winter. These consistent conditions allow for crisp, delicious greens to thrive year-round!

Bright Farms: Bucks County, PA

Our “living” baby greens from Mill Creek Farm are sold with roots on and meant to be cut for optimum freshness; perfect for that straight-from-the-farm feel! We’re also eager to offer cut salad greens from Bright Farms and Radicle Farm; think Red Russian Baby Kale and vibrant, colorful mixes. Lastly, we can’t forget about the smooth Butterhead Lettuce from White Star Growers, ideal for the base of a savory winter salad.

Another fantastic greenhouse product comes from Edible Garden. Their herbs are cuttings from potted herb seedlings grown indoors. Fresh basil, oregano and parsley are harvested to ensure you get a lot of product for 1-2 lbs!

How will you utilize these beautiful greenhouse greens? Post your dishes on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag us!